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10 SIMPLE STEPS to Reconnect With Your Significant Other

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10 SIMPLE STEPS to Reconnect With Your Significant Other

“Would you like to take your
relationship to the next level?”

Let’s face it all relationships go through many changes, but it doesn’t mean the relationship is not worth keeping.

Without spending large sums of money on therapy, or reading volumes of relationship books, try these ideas:

1. Go to a comedy club

There is nothing like gut busting laughter to reconnect two people.

If going to a comedy club is not possible, then watch a comedy at home or play charades.

Try a karaoke club, because if you can’t laugh at yourself and with others then who can you laugh at?

Laughter has been proven to raise “the feel good” hormones in our body. You feel good and that translates to better perspective and easier stress coping.

2. Cook together

Cooking is a labour of love and great tasting food can make anyone happy.

When you cook food with your mate it helps to connect both of you because you are hopefully creating a gastronomic delight.

3. Make a list

Think of things that attracted you to one another, make a list and share them with each other.

Think back to what first attracted you to the person in the first place and share it with your mate by taping it to the fridge.  Or frame it and put it at their bedside.

4. Take up a new hobby together

Go to a dance class together.  The physical intimacy will easily help with reconnection.

Take an exercise class together.  Nothing connects two people more than working on creating healthy bodies.  As well, exercise helps you to have a clearer more positive mindset.

5. Ask friends or family for helpful advice

Ask friends or family what they have learned from your relationship that has helped them in their own life and relationship.

Friends and family can enlighten you both and make you re-evaluate the important impact your relationship has had on others around you.

5. Cry together

Watch a heartfelt movie together and connect with the emotional feeling of the people in the movie.  This is great for helping you and your partner reconnect with your own feelings.  And crying is a great stress reliever.

Talk about how the movie made both of you feel, and then be open to looking fully at your feelings about what may be affecting the harmony of your relationship.

6. Look at photos

Take out past photos of the two of you having fun on vacation; at functions; at parties; at events, and remember the good times you both made together

look at photos of your significant other when they are not around noting the beautiful things you see about them in the picture

7. Leave kind notes

Send random positive text to each other. At any time.  Or send cute emojis if you are not great with words.

Send a song expressing words that you want your partner to hear, and that you may be unable to verbally express to them.   or

Or send a thoughtful voicemail make your partner’s day special.

8. Share your day

Paint a picture of your day through conversation, so the other person can see and feel as if they were by your side in that moment.

Talk about your short and long term dreams and plans with your significant other.

9. Touch one another

Give massages to each other.  Read a book, or Google it if you don’t know how.  Put a gentle hand on your partner’s shoulder, or lovingly stroke their back.

Hug one another.  Hug each other when you wake up, when you leave one another, and for no particular reason.

10. Kiss one another with passion

Small peck’s just can’t cut it sometimes.  Really give a full mouthed kiss with just the slightest pressure to show your partner that you still have the hots for them.

If you want to reconnect with your significant other try the 10 simple, yet powerful, steps you just read about, or add your own.   Keep doing the steps over and over again to regain and keep, the spice, love, and connection in your relationship!

A great relationship book to keep your lover’s connection (or regain it) is: The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

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