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8 Fun things you MUST DO when visiting the Grand Cayman Islands

8 Fun things you MUST DO when visiting the Grand Cayman Islands

8 Fun things you MUST DO when visiting the Grand Cayman Islands

Grand Cayman “Las Tortugas” is a jewel in the beautiful Caribbean sea.

Grand Cayman, also named  “Las Tortugas” by Christopher Columbus in 1503 after he saw the huge amount of Green Sea Turtles living on the island, is the largest of Cayman’s three islands at 22 miles long and four miles wide.

Although Grand Cayman is small in size, it’s big on FUN!



Check out these 8 FUN things you MUST DO when visiting the Grand Cayman Islands!

  1. Visit Stingray City stingray smiling cayman


Stingray city, located in North Sound, is a series of shallow sandbars that is home to Grand Cayman’s super friendly Stingrays.

Caymans’ gentle marine rays are used to interacting with million of visitors to Grand Cayman each year and have never harmed any visitors or locals.


  • Feel free to feed them, to stroke them and to take pictures of their naturally smiling faces.
  1. Lounge, Swim, or Play on Seven Mile Beach 

Cayman Seven Mile Beach

Boasting the honor of being “The Caribbean’s Best Beach”, Seven Mile Beach, located on the western end of the Grand Cayman Islands, has glorious white sands and crystal clear waters.

  • Step barefoot into the beautiful white sands.
  • Take pictures of the gorgeous blue-green seas

People In Water Seven Mile Beach Cayman

  • Jump on a jet ski and skim along the smooth clear waters.Daniel Jet Ski Seven Mile Beach Cayman


  • Or get your tan on under the near yearly 30-degree sun

People Tanning Seven Mile Beach Cayman

Fun Fact, Seven Mile Beach is actually just over 6.3 miles long.

  1.  Drive to Rum Point (youtube video), which is located on the North end of Grand Cayman, as it offers a quieter place on the island to enjoy.

Rum Point Cayman

  • Relax in a hammock

Jo Hammock Rum Point Cayman

  • Watch the people wade in the shallow clear water

Kids Wading Rum Point Cayman Islands

  • Look for the two known friendly pelicans that visit this part of the island.

Pelicans Up close Rum Point Cayman Woman Petting Pelicans Rum Point Cayman

  • Stop at the Wreck Bar and Grill restaurant.

the-wreck-bar-and-grill Rum Point Grand Cayman

  • Sip on the Cayman locally invented cocktail called the mudslide

Mudslide Rum Point Cayman Islands

  • Or drink the signature Rum Punch  Rum Punch Cayman Islands
  1. Next Visit Sunset House Grand Cayman’s “hotel for divers”, located along South Sound waterfront, in Georgetown, the Cayman Islands city capital.  Sunset House Grand Cayman

Even if you are not a diver, Sunset House, with its’ traditional Cayman thatch roof, is the perfect place for viewing the breathtaking sunsets of the Cayman Islands.

Sunset Grand Cayman Islands

  • If you are a diver, take a dive in the crystal clear waters to see the magnificent coral reefs.


Cayman’s world famous staghorn coral reefs are home to many exotic sea life such as conch, lionfish, nurse sharks, spiny lobsters, turtles, and barracuda.
5.  Take a Trip to Turtle Farm and Bird Sanctuary

The Turtle Farm, located in the West End of the Grand Cayman Islands, is an unforgettable experience.

Opened in 1968, and reconstructed after devastating hurricane Ivan in 2004, the turtle farm is used for raising Cayman’s endangered Green Sea Turtles.

  • Indoor pools house varying size turtles that you can feed.
  • Or you can have the amazing experience of holding the gentle turtles that helped give Grand Cayman its’ name!

turtles turle farm cayman Ollie Holding Turtle Cayman

Also located on the Turtle Farm grounds, is Cayman’s bird sanctuary.

  • Look for the spectacular Cayman parrots, with their greenish blue feathers.

cayman-turtle-farm-island cayman parrot

  • Also pet the friendly doves that love to rest on your shoulders.

Jo and Dove Cayman Bird Sanctuary Turtle Farm

  1. Next on the List is The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

The Botanic Park, located on the quiet North Side of Grand Cayman, is a breeding ground for a variety of rare aquatic birds and animals native to Cayman.

colorful birds cayman birds

  • Take a relaxed walk through the majestic natural habitat.
  • Bring your video camera to record your Cayman findings.
  • Keep your eyes open for the indigenous and rare Cayman Blue Iguana Blue-Iguana-Cayman   
  •  Cayman Green Igaunathe Cayman Green Iguana


  • the Cayman Wild Banana Orchid wild banana orchid Cayman


  • silver thatch tree caymanand the Silver Thatch Palm that all make up a unique part of Grand Cayman’s charm.
  1.  Next Get Your Dancing Feet on for the Cayman Batabano Carnival

The 32 year young Batabano Carnival is the Cayman Islands national carnival

Batabano Cayman 2015

The Mardi Gras-like event happens every year in the first week of May.

This Cayman Island carnival features two carnivals. One for kids and one for adults.

  • Dance to the popular Cayman soca music played by local calypso bands.
  • Listen to the unique sounds of music played on the Steel Pans (drums) started in Cayman by Trinidadian musician Earl La Pierre (seen here)Earl La Pierre Steel Pan Grand Cayman


  • Admire, or wear, one of the colourful costumes! Batabano Cayman
  • Or simply enjoy the many floats in this festive Cayman parade
  1. Drink Cayman Swanky and Eat Conch Stew! (Things to Eat and Drink in Grand Cayman!)

Swanky is Grand Cayman’s local drink "Swanky" Local Drink Grand Caymanmade of brown sugar lemonade and Cayman rum

  • Chow down on the uniquely delicious Cayman conch stew

Conch Stew Cayman 2014

  • Feeling adventurous with your taste buds? try the Cayman turtle stew 

Turtle stew cayman

  • Travel Cayman to the Captain Herman tasty Fish Fry in East End, and enjoy more Cayman local dishes Fish Fry Sign East End Grand Cayman Fried Fish East End Cayman
  • Enjoy the moist and world famous Cayman Rum Cake tortuga-golden-rum-cake-and-cayman 2015052012121358-431045_alt2made at the local Island company Tortuga 


  • Sip on Cayman’s own refreshing local beer called Caybrew caybrew cayman


  • Top up your favorite soda with Cayman’s own Seven Fathoms golden rum seven fathoms rum cayman


Finally, as an added bonus for you, mingle with the beautiful, friendly, relaxed people of The Grand Cayman Islands!  Cayman People Pic 2

Now that you are excited to visit, remember the top 8 fun things you MUST DO and you will be guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience in the Grand Cayman Islands!



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