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8 Tips to Market Your E-Commerce Site Online

8 Tips to Market Your Business Online

8 Tips to Market Your E-Commerce Site Online

The business of an e-commerce site is a task in and of itself.  You’ve decided on your target market, picked a platform to launch your site on, hired a great web developer, and now you’re ready to give it all you’ve got.

Here are 8 tips (if you are stuck for ideas) on how to market your e-commerce site:

1. Trade mentions and tweets with other companies and thought leaders. Companies with a similar number of followers will be more willing to cross promote.

2. Share your startup on

3. Write a post called “Our competitor vs Our Company” – This will attract search engine traffic looking for reviews of your competitor.

4. Respond to unanswered questions in your niche on Quora. Look for questions with a lot of people waiting for an answer.

5. Share your website on or

6. Submit a free press release using a service like

7. Sign up for a service like, respond to anyone that mentions your brand, one of your competitors, or asks a question about your space.

8. Launch a topic at and post your website into your topic page.

Bonus tip: READ and WRITE guest posts on blogs similar to your target market.

For more tips see our full post for RED Brand Media here.

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