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Toronto cosmetic surgery institute

Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute


This is a handout for the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute (TCSI) located in Toronto, Canada.

They wanted a handout for the patients on what to expect while recovering from anaesthesia in their recovery room.

Their recovery room is in the Fairmont Royal York Hotel. A unique situation for a fully equipped operating room with a recovery room attached.

Clients have their plastic surgery procedure, recover post-operatively, and then stay overnight in one of the hotel rooms.

Since Two Toronto Copywriters are both ICU nurses, we are already familiar with writing from a medical point of view.  However, our copy was for the layperson to read.  We had to keep it simple.

We wrote the copy, and the document is now given to TCSI clients in the waiting area.

Here are 10 Things to Expect While in Recovery at the Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Clinic:

Copywriting Client TCSI Recovery Room Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute Post-op Toronto Cosmetic Surgery Institute Recovery Room Info


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