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18 Butt Exercises That Will Guarantee You Get Booty-licious!

best-butt-booty exercises

Do you want to have a natural and fuller booty like Beyonce, JLo, or Kim Kardashian?

Whether their backsides are real or fake we can all appreciate a firmer, tighter rear end!

I myself have been working on my booty for over 10 years!

But now I have finally found the 18 best butt exercises, that will target the booty and I want to share them with you!

The great news is these booty building exercises can be done in the comfort of your own home without weights!


6 Exercises to target the biggest muscle of the butt the gluteus maximus

  • Bridges with or without Bosu or medicine ball Glute-bridges-medicine ball--bosu ball-butt-booty


  • Superman



  • Stability ball hamstring curl hamstring curls with ball-bridge-butt-booty
  • Squats Squats-booty-butt



Check out Alicia Marie, Author of The Booty Bible, 12-minute booty” workout video on BeFit to see proper form for non-weighted squats, Bulgarian split squats, side lunges, two-legged and one-legged bridges, the superman, and donkey kicks!


6 Exercises to target the side muscle of butt the gluteus medius


  • Fire hydrant  Fire Hydrant-butt-booty


6 Exercise to target the front portion of muscle underneath the gluteus maximus and medius called the gluteus minimus


  • One leg alternating Step up on a block

Step Up On block alternating leg, butt, booty

  • One Leg Jump Step Ups Step-ups- lunges-butt-booty
  • Forward Lunges  Forward Lunge-butt-booty


  • Reverse Lunges Reverse Lunge-butt-booty
  • Elevated split squat…known as Bulgarian split squatsSplit-Squat bulgarian split, butt, booty

Check out Lyzabeth Lopez, the creator of the Hourglass Workout for more bootylicious exercises! Watch her YouTube video on “How to Build a Butt with Different Exercises”


So do your lunges, squats, bridges, donkey kicks and superwoman workouts to sculpt your best booty!

But(t) at the “end” of it all to create your best booty don’t get left “behind” and forget to eat a nutritious and healthy diet to maintain and build the muscles necessary to “stack your back!”

Kim Kardashian, KK, Jennifer Lopez, JLo, Bey, Beyonce, Butt, Booty


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