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Growth Hacking Ad Copy Sample

TTC growth hacking ad copy sample

Growth Hacking Ad Copy Sample

Growth hacking, though the phrase has only recently been coined, isn’t a recent development.  Companies such as Hotmail had used “get your free email at Hotmail” as a link to all the emails that would eventually hook your friends and turn them into users. In the end, MARKETING and SALES are all that matter after one is drawn into the funnel.

This growth hacking ad copy sample was done for RED Brand Media.  We researched and wrote the copy, and they gave us the design template.  

What we want you to know is that… not only are we able to research and write articles, but we are also artistically creative.  

The template given to us was Pages for the MAC.  We are well versed with not only Pages, but also Adobe Photoshop, and Illustrator. 

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growth hacking example copy




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