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Home Design on a Budget: Apply These 5 Tips

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Home Design on a Budget: Apply These 5 Tips

Thinking about Decorating your Home but you have a tight budget?  Well here are 5 tips for Decorating your Home on a Budget.

Beginning our home design journey let’s start in the bathroom!

For The Bathroom:

Have you heard of the Medical Shower? Well, now you have! The benefits of this shower are fantastic “as it functions as a regular shower head, yet takes care of the skin”

Skin is the largest organ in the body and pampering it with this unique shower device will make your body love you.

The showerhead allows you to put a scent-filled pouch with your favourite smells such as: lavender, tea tree, lemon, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil into a compartment attached on the front of the shower nozzle!

The pouch provide 2-4 showers/use and the design adds beauty to your bathroom shower.

The showerhead is also detachable so you can spray all the scented goodness wherever you need to help with sore muscles.

Not only can it help your skin, and muscles, but it can also open up your sinuses and make for a soothing, relaxing shower!

For The Closet:

We all hate it when we reach into the closet for a shirt, or a sweater, and the clothes hanging next to what we really want slips onto the floor. Ugh! Sooo frustrating!

Well here is a neat and inexpensive home design idea that will help keep your shirts where they belong while adding color to your wardrobe! No slip clothes hangers made using pipe cleaners!

Yes, it’s that simple yet that genius, and very inexpensive. You can get about 100 colourful pipe cleaners at Walmart for $3! Win-Win!

For The Bedroom:

Crown Molding Shoe Shelves: They are a great space saver in any closet or room! Attach the crown molding to the wall and then hang your shoes over the molding to declutter the space!

Plus the crown molding shoe shelves add a touch of flair to the look of any room. Check out the picture here.

The molding cost about $1.10 for a 60×2 inch piece at Ikea. Crown molding shoe shelves are the perfect space saver!  (Check out tutorial here.)

For The Kitchen:

Adhesive hook lid organizers for pots: Buy a package of self-adhesive hooks then place them inside your kitchen cupboard doors, and hang your pot lids on the hooks!

This will create a great space saver in your cupboards and it just looks neater!!

The lids will not only be organized and easy-to-reach, but clang-free! (The hooks cost about $8/pack of 6).

For The Living Room:

Create your own vanilla-scented candles: Take tea tree candles and place them in a small bowl. Light the candles. Now you have created your very own vanilla-scented candles!

Double bonus: Coffee beans also help to eliminate unwanted odours!

There is so much you can do on a budget! 

From creating your own picture frames made out of tape, to using a straw broom to paint your walls, to using a laundry basket to create wall polka-dots, to using plates to make wall art for an amazing effect! Check out MORE great ideas here, or if you like using apps check out Modsy. They have great home design ideas!

SO go AHEAD have fun and get creative! You will be proud of your home design creations, and your home will look amazing while saving YOU money!

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