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Weight Watchers Success Starts Here: STOP Starving or Vomiting to Fit into Those Skinny Jeans!

Weight Watchers Success Starts Here: STOP Starving or Vomiting to Fit into Those Skinny Jeans

Weight Watchers Success Starts Here: STOP Starving or Vomiting to Fit into Those Skinny Jeans!

Although access to Weight Watchers has been around for quite a while, we all know a friend, a family member, a coworker or maybe even ourselves who have tried other difficult and sometimes extreme methods to get slimmer.

Let’s face it many women have the same complaints when it comes to weight loss.

“Weight loss is  f@#$%*g hard!”

It’s hard because 70%-80% of that weight loss comes from your diet!

Unfortunately, many diets have marketed their products, or diet plans, around this number with little regard to other ingredients that make up successful weight loss.

For Example: Remember these diets all promising quick and easy results?

The Atkins Diet where you drastically cut back on carbs like bread, potatoes, and sweets while still eating bacon, mayonnaise, cheese, and butter?

The Cayenne Pepper Diet (made famous by the singer Beyonce) consists of lemon or lime juice, two tablespoon of real maple syrup, a pinch of cayenne pepper, and 8 ounces of water (sounds filling right? I say NOT) Also, NO exercise on this plan as the low carbohydrates mean your body might not be able to handle extreme activities.(Duh!)

The Bernstein Diet which reduces your daily caloric intake to 800-1,000 calories/day! You only need to pay a mere $600/month for this self-starvation diet!

But wait……here’s the fun part! You get to go to their clinic to get vitamin B12 injections! Yippee!! The injections are required to give you the energy that your low-calorie diet (naturally) fails to give.

The Dr. Oz’s Two-Week Rapid Weight-Loss Diet in which Dr. Oz promotes books from various doctors who prescribe cutting wheat out of your diet to lose 10-15 pound in two weeks?

 Did you notice all those diets have one theme in common?

You got it! They all restrict or tell you to eliminate certain foods!

However, you may not know but all those diets also have a second theme in common.

The majority of their clients are women!

Also, you probably don’t realize but all those diets also have a third theme in common.

These diets are all pitched by men who have never had, and never will have, the unique experiences of being a woman!

So why are women being lead by men to shrink their curves?

Because us women are eager for weight loss and are willing to pay the steep, and sometimes unhealthy, price for the quick weight loss fixes, and businessmen know and promote this!

Here Is The Real Solution to Help You Free Unhealthy Fat From Your Body FOREVER!

The tried, tested, and most realistic diet plan that can help you, me, or any woman, achieve realistic and effective fat loss is Weight Watchers!

Let me give you 6 REAListic reasons why Weight Watchers works:

  1. Weight Watchers helps You discard fat weight gradually

Losing weight quickly gives many women false expectations of real long term weight loss

Any diet that says you can lose 10 or more pounds a week is counting on water losses, and dehydration, due to water loss, ends up making you feel more hungry=more eating

Getting rid of fat is where real weight loss freedom begins

Weight Watchers helps women aim for a weight loss of one to two pounds a week-a healthy weight loss to win the race for long term fat loss (4)

  1. Weight Watchers is realistic

Women, with Weight Watchers, there is no drastic cutting out of foods your body has become dependent on, from years of consumption.

Weight Watchers members gradually wean themselves off, or limit, toxic foods and drinks through nutrition education from Weight Watchers support team and community members.

Therefore, Weight Watchers members are less likely to give up on their fat shedding plan.

With this plan you “go at your own pace”.

  1. Weight Watchers offers strong community support 

You get REAL testimonials from thousands of women who have been where you are and have succeeded!

Success comes through powerful emotional support and advice from real women just like you.  They know what you are going through on your Weight Watcher journey.

Bonus: (Watch What OPRAH Winfrey Has To Say!)

  1. Weight Watchers makes tracking fun and easy through Weight Watcher’s app!

Before technology, and Steve Jobs, made it possible, the days of tracking were in the form of a journal, but now tracking Weight Watchers is much easier, more fun, and more portable thanks to the WW app!

Using the Weight Watcher’s app helps you remain accountable; as you actively participate in taking care of your physical and emotional wellbeing through tracking foods, tracking weight, and tracking exercise.  numerous studies have found that dieters who regularly record what they eat lose more weight than those who don’t.” 1,2,3,5,6

The Weight Watchers app also allows you to create your own recipes so you will know the nutrition content of the foods you eat, and your created recipe will go into WW database for other members to use!

     5.Weight Watchers helps you make smarter food choices

You can still eat foods that are “not so good for you” but Weight Watchers educates you along the way to provide you with a better understanding of how these foods work with you or slow down your efforts in achieving permanent fat loss.

  1. Weight Watchers is individualistic

Weight Watcher is not a one size fits all deal; Weight Watchers offers a customized approach to your lifestyle

You track the foods that you choose to eat

You track the activity you want to do

You track your own progress

You have total control without restriction

Weight Watchers WILL WORK for You!

Weight Watchers is a solid community where you will get the individual support you expect, the fun tools you need, the positive encouragement you deserve, and the strong motivation you want to help you succeed in making healthier food choices so that you can be the best YOU possible!

So if you want to succeed at freeing that unhealthy and unwanted fat for good?

So YOU can be the most REAListic YOU!

Remember the 6 great reasons to join Weight Watchers NOW!

Don’t have the Weight Watchers Points Plus App?  Get it here.

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